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Absa Branch Code As of Aug 2022

Absa branch code – Universal branch codes have become popular and standard for doing banking online, particularly making online payments.

Here is an Absa universal branch code for our Fine Help readers that they can use for making payments online to cheque accounts or savings account.

ABSA Branch Code 632 005

ABSA Branch Code 632 005 is the official Absa universal branch code for doing Electronic funds transfer online.

As technology evolves our banking institutions in South Africa are keeping up to date with the trends and many banks in SA are now using universal branch codes.

What is a universal branch code and how does this code help bankers.

Well, remember in the past when a banker opens a bank account with any banking institution, they provided amongst other things, that particular bank’s branch code together with the bank account number.

When making a payment to a certain recipient, online bankers had to use a specific Absa branch code for that particular branch which also had a branch name.

Absa branch name and code was important to the person making an electronic funds transfer (EFT) for a successful funds transfer.

There used to be a list of Absa branches with different Absa branch code, well, that is setting in the past now as many people are moving to and getting used to using an Absa universal branch code.

Technology is evolving daily and our banking institution are adapting, hence we help those who are still left behind with Fine Help to come over to new and simple way of doing things.

All our popular banks that includes Standard Bank, First National Bank (FNB) and Nedbank have switched to using universal branch codes.

Absa Branch Codes

Absa branch codes are becoming old way of doing banking online, universal branch codes have been around for quiet some time and all banks in South African have been using this method for quiet some time now.

Fine Help has a list below that will provide you with a quick access to other related banks universal branch codes.

Absa Universal Branch Code 632 005
Standard Bank Branch Code 051 001
Nedbank Universal Branch Code 198 765
Fnb Universal Branch Code 250 655
Capitec Branch Code Universal 470 010

One of the reasons why people should start using universal branch codes is that an Absa universal branch code is a simple six digits number that one can easily remember.

Individual Absa branch codes used to be one of the hardest admin nightmare to keep up with when making payments online more especially for business people, bankers online had to find this branch codes
and ensure that they are correct.


A simple universal branch code make life easier and anyone can source this number from anywhere, there are lot of sources like Fine Help that people can use to easily find this codes from this sites.

All people who are still behind, start using a single Absa branch code 632 005 that is the official Absa Universal Branch Code.

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