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Best Online Shopping Sites in South Africa – digital is the way, it has taken over the world, and this is where everyone lives, if you are still stuck in the past, it’s time to move with the rest of us.

With Covid-19 trending and going forward, we all need to move to the online space, going to a mall to pay rates account is not a cool thing to do anymore.

Every corporate institution, whether government or private, every institution is now giving people an opportunity to pay their bills online.

Retail stores have now moved online, we all know people used to shop for surfing online, it be a roofing contractor, painting contractor or handyman.

Everything has changed now, people are simply going through their hand written grocery checklist through their browser and hence in this articles we discuss best online shopping sites in South Africa.

Online Shopping Website

Here is a list of online shopping websites we recommend for your next shopping online.

  • Takealot
  • Superbalist
  • Pick n Pay
  • Woolworths
  • Game
  • Macro
  • Loot
  • NetFlorist
  • Mr Price
  • Yuppiechef
  • Checkers
  • Truworths


Takealot has built more trust to people who used to be sceptical about online shopping.

They are one of the best online shopping services that has been the game changer for all of us.

This online shopping site has made it easy for everyone, from shopping online to delivery. The website is easy to use, clean, simple colours with easy keyword search and product category search.

The search functionality has been made easy enough for everyone, from my personal experience, I just click straight to the “keyword search” and get filtered to what I want.

Without even trying to be cheesy about it, the take a lot online shopping service and functionality is extremely the best.

Procurement, the process is well planned, technology behind it complements the process form A – Z.

The delivery process is perfect, never had a mistake from a personal experience.

We definitely recommend this e-commerce store as one of best online shopping sites in South Africa.

Here is a link to your convenient online shopping, enjoy!


Founded in 2010 with numerous variations, Superbalist has grown form strength to strength as one of South African’s online shopping stores.

They are everything all about clothing, you name it, bags, shoes, shirts, trousers, etc, and they have it all.

One of the extra reasons why people like Superbalist is simply because of the fact that they sell unique products.

Unlike our ordinary clothing stores, you won’t find yourself wearing the same shirt as your friend or work counter parts.

One of the reason why this e-commerce platform has growth so much it’s for its easy to use website.

The website is very user friendly, with easy to use navigation, side wide search and nice imagery.

We all know how sceptical everyone is when it comes to online shopping, but Superbalist is one of the best websites with great security.

If you are one of the people who like unique fashion, start shopping now with

Pick n Pay

Stay home safe, avoid unnecessary queues and start buy you groceries online from Pick n pay.

Do shopping at the comfort of your home, go through your grocery shopping list while watching TV, simply visit Pick n Pay online and start shopping.

One of the reasons that you would want to use online shopping for your groceries is that, they deliver at your door step.


Woolworths is one of the best online shopping sites in South Africa that is everyone’s favourite.

With a wide range of Woolies products to choose from, food, clothing, homeware and beauty products made available online.

Woolies orders can be delivery at your door stop, for your next online shopping, visit Wooolies online.


Unlike other online shopping stores, Loot is one of the biggest ecommerce website offering variety of products.

The website is not dedicated to a specific category or range of products but rather multiple variations.

Loot sells books, computers, music, clothing, kitchen products, DIY, toys, health products, beauty products and etc.

The website accommodates everyone, including people who are sceptical with buying anything online.

The great advantage of Loot is that it supports multiple online payment methods of different types.

Visit the website now and start shopping at the comfort of your own home.

Many people still struggling to understand why they should do online shopping if they can safely do a walk in a store.

Well here are some of the reasons why we should all consider online shopping.

  • Convenience
  • More Variety
  • Easy to Send Gifts
  • More Control
  • Easy Price Comparisons
  • No Crowds
  • No Sales Pressure
  • Access to Used or Damaged Inventory
  • Privacy for Discreet Purchases

For your next shopping, consider using one the best online shopping sites in South Africa that we have listed.

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