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Capfin Loans – Capfin is a subsidiary of Southern View Finance Ltd (SVF), which is a company with a primary listing on the Bermuda Stock Exchange and a secondary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s Alternative Exchange.

The SVF group of companies is in charge of international unsecured lending businesses. They currently have approximately 200,000 loan applications per month worldwide.

Besides, Capfin is a South African registered financial institution with the National Credit Regulator of South Africa (NCR).

This company also has partnerships with PEP and Ackermans, which have given it the opportunity to offer fast and easy-access loans through PEP and Ackermans retail stores.

Their professional staff is trained to assist you and guide you through the application and selection process.

Which is one of the reasons why Capfin products and services are better than the ones offered by banks.

Other reasons to choose this way instead of the bank way include:

  • To apply for a Capfin loan, you only need a South African ID and a proof of income
  • There are no annoying queues or waiting hours standing on the bank
  • There are no expenses since Capfin contacts you, so you do not waste your cellphone air time
  • Its professional team speaks 11 official languages so you can be sure you will understand the terms and conditions
  • You can access for free to its website any day at any time
  • This company is ranked 97% efficient according to its costumers
  • It has over 2500 retail stores in all the country
  • The application process is fast and simple
  • No tedious paperwork or uncomfortable face-to-face interviews are required
  • Your Capfin loan includes a discount on regulated fees

The application process

To apply for a personal loan, you need to go to any PEP or Ackermans retail store with your ID and latest proof of income.

If you do not where the nearest retail store is, you can check Capfin website to check. Then, you need to scan these documents at the till-point.

You have to have a permanent job, and you will need a cellphone number so that you can receive a text message telling whether you qualify or not for a personal loan.

This approval arrives in less than fifteen minutes.

After you get the text message, a specialized consultant will call you to confirm your employment status and to arrange the details of your loan.

If you accept the offer, the agent reads you the pre-agreement and contract and the money is paid directly to your bank account within forty eight hours.

The repayment options are very flexible since you have the possibility to pay the loan back in six to twelve months, depending on your personal situation.

If you want to know how much you can apply for and what the repayment options are, you can try the online loan simulator in the website.

The benefits of opting for Capfin

Capfin clients can enjoy several benefits namely, a personal loan of up to R20,000, the privilege of finding out whether they qualify or not just by a text message, access to Capfin Direct, assistance in their home languages, flexible repayment terms, a monthly text message showing how much money is available in the client’s account, access to more cash once the previous loan has been paid back, and last but not least no wasting of time.

Carrers at Capfin

Besides being a client, you can be a member of this company.

Their job opportunities are an excellent offer to consider since they promote creative thinking, simple services, unique client treatment, cooperative working, and personal development.

This attitude towards the staff creates an energetic and positive work environment, which is one the main reasons why working for Capfin is a superb opportunity.

Besides, it offers the possibility of working in a multi-national company, the opportunity to work with talented coworkers, professional training and career development, among others.

If you are interested, enter the website and check the job positions available, you can apply directly from the job promotion advertisement.

Values and goals

Capfin is characterized by the constant innovation in order to cater for all of their clients’ needs.

Their main goal is to make the clients’ lives easier by offering to them a stress-free application process to access to personal loans of up to R20,000 with the minimum requirements and affordable repayment terms.

Besides, Capfin is a company open to suggestions, questions, comments and judgements not only by their clients but also by any person because anybody can send an email to or call 087354 0000 and talk with an specialized Capfin agent who is willing to listen to you.

What is more, Capfin products are easy to get and they are available for low-income employees because of the variety and affordability of repayment options.

Currently, the company has added the possibility of asking for a USSD personal loan, which is another way of empowering its clients and shows how much importance this company gives to innovation.

Final comments

You never know when or why you may need a personal loan but the sole idea of going to the bank to ask for it may make you rethink the idea.

Going to the bank implies long queues, a lot of documents to present, a stressful face-to-face interview with one of the bank employees, and several forms to fill and sign.

All this long and tedious process discourages anybody from asking for a personal loans. However, with Capfin this problem is solved.

Capfin personal loans are easy to get and economically convenient.

Capfin’s standards include responsibility, confidentiality, accountability, respect and loyalty. With the afore mentioned, there are no doubts that Capfin personal loans are very clever decision for you and your family.

Therefore, go to your nearest retail store or call 087354 0000. You can also SMS ‘HELP’ to 43679 or email


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