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Last Updated: 2023/04/11 | Money

Checkers money market is the cheapest way to send money using Checkers money transfers service to send money instantly.

Visit any Checkers Money Market to send money with one the Checkers stores to send money with checkers money transfers.

We provide step by step guide on how to obtain your checkers money market slip for successful money transfers.

Checkers Money Transfers gives an opportunity to use Checkers money market service to send money to anyone with RSA smart card id.

You can send money to family and friends through Checkers Money Market and the recipient should use Money Market Counter to collect funds.

Checkers Money Market

How to Send Money Using Checkers Money Transfers

One may ask a question where can I withdraw checkers money transfer?

Sending money this days has never been this easy, recipient can also do checkers money withdrawal through Checkers Money Market.

This is the one of the best cheap money transfer ways in South African that is flexible and convenient for anyone.

You do not need a bank account to send money with one of the Checkers Money Transfers services, here is how you do it.

  • Get o any of the Checkers Money Market Counter.
  • Your will be required to produce a valid SA Smart Card Id.
  • Please note that, you need R9,99 for the money transfer on top of the initial money you want to send.
  • You're prohibited from producing any Id or drivers license copies.
  • Enter 4 digit money market transfer pin of choice to receive Money Market transfer number.
  • You must be careful not to share this money market pin with anyone else except the recipient.
  • This Checkers Money Transfer pin and Money Transfer number must only be shared with the person your sending money to.
  • With Checkers send money transfers, you can send money from R1 to R5 000 per day, up to a maximum of R25 000 per month.

Do you know what is the best part about this?

After you have received the checkers money market slip, the funds will accessible to the recipient immediately.

Checkers Money Withdrawal

Checkers Money Withdrawal is simple with Checkers Money Transfers, simply visit one of Money Market Counter to collect money.

Here is how to collect money from Checkers Money Market.

  • Get to the nearest money transfers checkers stores to collect your money market money sent to you.
  • Don't worry, you will not need any form of checkers money market slip.
  • Note that you can collect up to R5 000 per day only and with a maximum of R25 000 per month.
  • Don not forget to bring you valid smart card id, secret PIN and Money Transfer number from the sender.

The money market cashier will request all the above documents to process the money transferred to you.

Checkers Trading Hours

Please note that all Checkers Money Market trading hours are as per individual Checkers Trading Hours.

To use Checkers Money Transfer services you will need to check with you desired Checkers Trading Hours.

Checkers Money Market Contact Number

Checkers Money Market Contact Number is part of Checkers customers direct contact with the supermarket chain through their Customer Service Centre.

You can use Checkers customer care Line which is toll-free with landline 0800 01 07 09.

For more Checkers Money Market Contact Details and checkers money market complaints as well as general checkers complaints please visit their website on

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