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What is FNB eWallet As of Aug 2022

eWallet Send Money using First National Bank – sending money has never been this simple like this before, use fnb eWallet service to send money to anyone in South Africa.

FNB customers are offered an option to use one of the most powerful digital channels to send money to anyone with a valid South African cell phone number.

When you have eWallet funds send to you, you can withdraw them directly from any FNB ATM or from one of selected stores.

Keep in mind that, this service will work on mobile devices with airtime and, you can only withdraw funds from South Africa.

Send Money Using FBN eWallet

As an eWallet sender you can login to your FNB Bank Account either using the FNB App or SSID service with your customer selected PIN.

Once you are have logged in to your account, on the SSID Menu, you can choose an eWallet Send Money option.

Here, you can put any amount of money you want to send you would like to send from your account using eWallet.

Once you have sent money using eWallet, the recipient will receive a 4-digits pin that they can use to withdraw funds.

Make sure that the cellphone number and the amount entered is correct because there is no fnb eWallet reversal option.

eWallet Recepient

The eWallet recepient will receive a message from FNB with a pin that they can use at an FNB ATM to withdraw funds.

Now for the recepiet, remember that the PIN will expire after 4 hours, hence it is important if you don’t have airtime, to use your ewallet PIN within 4 hours.

However if your find that you could not get to the ATM in time and you have lost eWallet pin, you can resend eWallet pin to your mobile.

How to Resend eWallet Pin FNB

People always wants to know, does eWallet expire?

To resend FNB eWallet pin FNB, you can easily dial *130*277# from the mobile number that the sender used to send money with eWallet.

As you enter the SSID menu, you will need to follow the instructions, PRESS 1 to select Get FNB ATM pin.

The eWallet service will send you and mobile message that contains a new password that will also expire after four hours.

How to withdraw eWallet funds

When you get to the FNB ATM, you will not need to insert any card to withdraw your eWallet cash.

From my personal experience, sometimes you can to the ATM and you find bank Ads playing and you get lost and don’t know where to start.

Remember obviously likewise, when we can to the ATM the first thing that we do is, we insert the card and the Ads goes away.

In this case, get to the ATM, if you don’t see any menu, press any of the ATM buttons to switch the ATM menu.

On the ATM Menu, choose Cardless Services option to start.

Follow the instructions on the ATM screen to withdraw eWallet funds.

Why choose FNB ewallet Service

Why choose FNB eWallet service, nice thing with the FNB eWallet is, if you have some funds left from your previous transaction, you can always withdraw them later.

This service is hustle FREE, meaning that, it is simple to use and everything is instant.

You can send money to anyone, if they don’t bank with FNB.

You can send money to any South African network number, Whether it is Vodacom, Cell C, MTN or Telkom.

For more instructions on how to use this service, please visit FNB website on

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