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Finance Wizard is a bad credit personal loan broker that helps access personal loan when you are blacklisted.

Application for bad credit personal loan can be difficult to be approved if you have judgements under your name.

Since its inception from 2004, Finance Wizard has proved to be the most reputable bad credit personal loans provider.

There are reasons why you need a broker when you apply for bad credit personal loans because you are blacklisted.

We spent time on this article to compile reasons on why you should use Finance Wizard as your loan broker.

Let’s look at Finance Wizard loans products and services consolidated.

Finance Wizard Summary of Services

Why choose Finance Wizard

Because bank are very strict and will not grant personal loans to people with bad credit score and blacklisted people.

Obtaining a personal loan and debt consolidation loans is impossible when you apply directly with banks.

The company provides you with access to a wide range of lenders that can provide flexible loan offers.

This means that even if you are blacklisted, you can still negotiate with you debt consolidation loan lender.

Using a broker for you loans application guarantees that you can borrow money even if you are blacklisted.

Finance Wizard provides personal loans through a poll of reputable and reliable micro lenders in South Africa.

Note that the interest rate on Finance Wizard bad credit loans are higher than of conventional personal loans.

But still, remember that competition between bad credit lenders can help you secure a low rate.

Finance Wizard Contact Details

For more information on how to apply for debt consolidation loans, please visit

You will also find on this site most updated information and loans products this company has to offer.

Finance Wizard Loan Calculator

Use below Finance Wizard loans calculator to get an estimate of how much will be you loan monthly repayments.

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