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FNB Temporary Loan As Of Aug 2022 – do you need a quick cash for emergency to help you pay some of the bills that your salary could not cover?

Sometimes during the month, we might need a little help, sometime is due to unforeseen emergencies.

Unforeseen emergencies may result from your car breaking down unexpectedly and finding that this once not in your monthly budget, that where one can use FNB temporary loan.

FNB Temporary Loan As Of Aug 2022

A temporary loan can be regarded as a soft loan, it’s a type of a short-term loan that can provided in smaller amounts.

In most cases, short-term loans are payday loans, meaning that if you qualify for this type of loans with any financial institution, these loans can be paid to your bank account or in cash same day.

Many people who would qualify for payday loans are not blacklisted or do not have any bad credit score.

How to Qualify for FNB Temporary Loan?

To qualify for this short-term loan from First National Bank, here is all that is required.

  • You need to be an FNB customer
  • Applicant must have an active FNB Easy Account or Cheque Account.
  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age.

Anyone who applies for these temporary loans must be a South African citizen.

Most importantly to qualify for FNB temporary loan, well, like with any other financial institution and other loan companies, you will have to have a good credit score to pass affordability.

However, in this reading with Fine-help, we understand that you might have all information from First National Bank (FNB) already, the aim of this article is to give you tips on how and when to apply for FNB temporary loan.

The overall purpose of this reading is to help people stay out of debt, we known and understand that people tend to underestimate the power they have to access of money.

This could be on a simple credit card; people underestimate the power of having a credit card not realizing that it is a drawback to progress in life.

What you must understand is that, just because you qualify for a certain amount of limit on credit, does not mean that you should use that opportunity.

You might qualify for FNB temporary loans, but that does not mean that you can apply and use this fund whenever you feel like doing a braai for friends and family members.

This type of short-term loans must be used for emergencies, when you find yourself in hard and rock places, where you are left with not choice but to seek an extra help.

I am sure we all have friends and family members who live month to month on short-terms loans, while this might seem like a good idea, this could also be a setback for your future.

What you must remember is, every time you apply for a short-term loan or payday loan, this means that you will need more to recover from the current loan.

Here are the good reasons why you should consider FNB loans for your next short-term loan.

Why Apply FNB Temporary Loans?

Loan Usage

FNB temporary loan can be used according to your needs, this is a type of payday or short-term loan that can be used for emergencies. We would advice you not to take out this loan just for fun or to use it to please friends and have fun.

We know many of us struggle with discipline when we have access to quick credit funds, it be credit card or payday loans.

In most cases, quick credit funds are small amounts, which you can borrow and payback within a short period of time. The FNB temporary loan is also a short-term loan, a type of a loan that should be paid back within a short period of time.

In most cases, realistically so, you should consider this type of loan when you are going through crisis, maybe that your sick or have serious financial assistance requirements.

For example, there might be unforeseen emergency like your child requiring extra money for school trip.  This are type of emergencies that might not be in your budget.

Loan Management

FNB temporary loan is a great amount of up to 10 000, this is sufficient of any type of emergency. If this amount is not full amount of your emergency, you simply use it as a deposit or a place holder of any reason of the requirement.

Looking at the figure, this is a very small to medium amount that will have reasonable repayments, meaning that it is manageable.

Unlike other lenders who offers temporary loans, First National Bank provides you with a loan amount that your most probably able afford.

Who Can Apply?

FNB temporary loan is only available to existing customers, this refers to anyone who has a savings account, business account or other type of account with FNB.

Why is that?

That is because, since you are an FNB customer, you have a profile with them, they know all your credit backgrounds and are therefore able to know that if the person they are lending money is eligible or not.

One of the most important essentials and requirement for this short-term loan is that you need to be earning a minimum of at-least R300 to R10 000.

Here is the best tip, you must always ensure that you are honest with yourself and your credit profile, if you cannot afford, never try to submit incorrect data to any financial institution.

For example, many people would submit incorrect figures, the actual income that they have monthly, the actual expenses and so forth.


FNB temporary loan is one of the best short-terms loans you can easily apply for if you are an FNB customer. It is also one of the lowest and affordable short-terms loans with affordable and reasonable payment terms.

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