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How Does BetterBond Works?

Did you know that Better Bond can alleviate more stress to your home searching journey?

Consumers in South Africa wanting to buy a new house can use BetterBond’s bond pre-qualification and home loan origination services.

Rudi Botha, the current CEO, founded the company in 2000, while mortgage origination in South Africa was still in its early stages.

BetterBond expanded quickly and joined with PA Homeloans in 2003 to become the largest originator in the country within a year.

Better Bond has assisted over one million South Africans on their path to house ownership over the last 19 years.

They work with all the leading banks to secure you the best home loan deal and best bond interest rates.

BetterBond Process?

  • Application Preparation on your behalf – they make sure that they get all your documents ready and help you complete your application form for submission.
  • They do apply on your behalf – submitting of your application to multiple banks, including your own.
  • They negotiate on your behalf – This is where all the BetterBond magic happens! They go on the hunt and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal.
  • Now get all the options to choose from – they will take you through the offers and deals so that you choose the best option that suit you.
  • Congratulations – once you have made your choice and accepted the offer, they will notify the bank.

To start the process and apply now online, please click here

On behalf of the customer, a professional mortgage broker sources, negotiates, and processes residential and commercial mortgage loans. – Benefits of Using a Mortgage Broker.

 Variety of Loan Products.

A mortgage broker can help you find a variety of financing options from a variety of institutions.

The more expertise and connections a broker has, the more likely you are to get the loan package and interest rate that best matches your needs.

Finds the Most Beneficial Deal.

Rather than representing the interests of a lending institution, a mortgage broker advocates yours.

They should serve as a competent counsellor and issue solution as well as your agent.

A broker can provide you the best value in terms of interest rate, payback amounts, and loan options since they have access to a large selection of mortgage products.

Mortgage brokers will conduct an interview with you to determine your requirements and short and long-term objectives.

Expertise to Satisfy Your Demands.

A mortgage broker helps clients get through any issue by guiding them through the procedure and smoothing out any bumps on the road.

If clients experience credit problems, for example, the broker will know which lenders have the finest products to match their requirements.

Borrowers who require greater loans than their banks can provide benefit from a broker’s expertise and ability to secure funding.

It Helps You Save Time.

Instead of filling out papers for each individual lender, you just need to fill out one application with a mortgage broker.

Your mortgage broker may give you with a formal comparison of any loans that have been recommended, directing you to material that correctly depicts cost differences, including current rates, points, and closing fees for each loan.

No Hidden Costs

Because a mortgage broker receives loans from lenders on a wholesale basis, he or she may provide the lowest rates on the market, lowering the overall loan cost for the customer.

A trustworthy mortgage broker will reveal how they are compensated for their services as well as the overall loan expenses.

BetterBond Contact Details

For more information on mortgage broker, we advise you to only rely on their website to find all that you need

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