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Izwe loans is an online loans application provider that has been providing personal loans since its inception in 2004.

The personal loans and short-term loans entity has built its reputation, this is backed by testimonials from loan seekers.

The Izwe loans company has proved to be one of the best growing personal loans provider in South Africa.

This tremendous growth can be seen with Izwe loans branches adding up since they have started the business.

It is for this reason, we have writing this article to discuss the company products which mainly are personal and short-term loans.

As your reading this article, you’re most probably looking for the best short-terms loans you can find around.

Before we start discussing this entity, lets quickly look at summary of services by this short-term loans provider.

Izwe Loans Summary of Services.

  • Short-term Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Fast Cash Loans
  • Personal Loans Online
  • Online Loans Application

Izwe Loans

You’re probably wondering why you should choose their personal loans out of all other short-term loans providers.

This company offers fast cash loans and payday loans, which can be determined by you according to your needs.

With this entity, you’re welcome to choose a small payday loans to a large cash loans amount.

What this means is, there are not set amounts that you can choose from, it is totally up to you.

Izwe loans offer personal loans of up to R150 000, the range is from R1000 respectively.

The personal loans and short-terms loans offered are not obligated to a particular reason when you apply for a loan.

Their loans can be used for any purpose, whether you want to use this loan as debt consolidation loans it’s totally up to you.

You can use this short-terms loans to pay for your kid’s schools fees or pay you home loans for a month.

This are most convenient fast loans that are affordable, Izwe loans monthly repayments are the most reasonable.

Izwe loans interest rates are also reasonable and as per South African National Credit Regulator.

Why Choose Izwe Loans

Here we put together summary of facts on why choose Izwe loans for your next short-term loans and personal loans.

  • Personal loans and short-terms loans of R1 000 to R150 000.
  • Fast loans paid directly into your bank account on loan approval.
  • Simple Fixed monthly installments.
  • Online loan application process

Izwe Online Loan Application

Izwe online loans application process make it very easy and fast to apply for loans online.

But before you start you’re online loans application, below are the required Izwe loans application form documents.

  • You will need to have SA Smart ID or driver’s license.
  • Likewise, proof of income is important with their online loans application.
  • You must earn at least R2 000 and above for you fast loans approval.
  • And of course if you’re a loans applicant you must be above 18 years of age.

Izwe loans contact Details

For more information on Izwe loans contact details, simply visit their website on

On this website, you will also find most updated information on their personal loans and short-term loans.

Izwe Loans Calculator

Izwe loans calculator provides you with a quick estimation of your borrowings and Izwe loans monthly repayments.


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