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Loans for blacklisted at Capitec As of Jul 2022

Loans for blacklisted at Capitec, Who qualifies for a loan at Capitec Bank?

Capitec is a reputable lender and complies with the National Credit Regular, it is for this reason that we recommend that you use loan brokers if you are looking for loans for blacklisted at Capitec.

For anyone who is looking for a personal loan at Capitec with good credit score, here is the documentation you need to apply for their loans.

How do I apply for a Capitec credit facility?

  • Your valid South African identification document or smart ID (new clients only)
  • Your latest 3 consecutive salary slips.
  • You’ll also need to carry a bank statement showing the last three straight income deposits if you’re not a Capitec customer or your salary isn’t paid into your Capitec account.

In this post with Finehelp, we want to take you through what you need to look out for to avoid or finding yourself in a situation where you need loans for blacklisted at Capitec.

How to check if you are blacklisted?

Are you worried that you’ll be placed on a blacklist?

Credit bureaus keep track of all the positive and poor sides of your credit background.

Slow or late refunds, defaults, and blacklisting are examples of negative data.

The most extreme of them is blacklisting, which will jeopardize your ability to obtain credit.

In theory, you shouldn’t be blacklisted without knowing it, however it does happen.

It’s crucial to double-check to ensure you’re not on any blacklists.

The biggest issue with having your credit profile being dragged to the mud is, you will struggle to get any personal loans from any lender and start searching for loans for blacklisted at Capitec.

This is, thankfully, a simple method.

Per year, South Africans are entitled to one free credit report.

These are easy to get hold of and can be done in a minute or two online, you can also get them telephonically.

Any credit bureaus have made it much simpler by launching an SMS service that allows you to verify whether or not you are blacklisted.

Although this is helpful, it is also in your best interests to obtain your complete credit report so that you know you will not be one of the people looking for loans for blacklisted at Capitec.

About 5 million South Africans and more are currently on the blacklist, so it is preferable to be educated rather than unaware.

Make sure you check at this before applying for credit so you are not caught off guard.

It’s quite possible that your credit report contains inaccurate information.

Knowing of any blacklisting gives you the ability to take action.

If you are eligible to obtain credit, blacklisting will have a significant effect on your ability to obtain credit which will result in a significantly higher interest rate if you are able to obtain credit.

Except for looking for loans for blacklisted at Capitec, it can also keep you from having those jobs that need a credit check.


Transunion, one of South Africa’s largest credit bureaus, offers an SMS alternative to check whether you’ve been blacklisted.

For a small charge, the provider will also provide you with your credit score, account balance, and a credit summary.

Keep in mind that you are entitled to one free full credit report per year.

You must first register for the SMS service by dialing the UUSD code *120*8801# from your primary mobile phone number.

Transunion offers a free annual credit check, which you can access on their website.

To find out more about TransUnion service, please visit their website on


Compuscan’s website also makes it easy to get your free annual report.

The free annual report will enable you to know if you have good credit score or you will be one of the people looking for loans for blacklisted at Capitec.

There are others, as well as independent providers, that can provide you with access to your credit records.

It’s worth testing to see if there are any mistakes or just to be conscious of any problems.

In any case, there are steps you might take to improve the condition with a little work.

Take advantage of the service that is offered to check your status.

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