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Online Jobs in South Africa 2022 as of Aug.

Online jobs in South Africa are highly demanded opportunities at this present time, more especially since the outbreak of Covid-19.

In the middle of a job search?

Want to work from home while you are on the road?

Do you want a job where you can establish your own hours?

These days, an increasing number of individuals are opting to work remotely — from their homes or wherever they choose to be in the world.

Now, more than ever, online employment is available.

Even better, there are a plethora of online occupations that do not need much prior experience or training.

You may begin right now and earn a nice wage right away.

Whether you want to supplement your part-time income, spend more time with your family, or just need some flexibility, the ideal online job for you is out there.

Which Online Jobs Are Legit?


Online tutoring is a glowingly popular and lucrative business.

In the after-school hours, you may assist youngsters’ study and improve their grades by meeting with them online.

For someone who is patient, bright, and a good instructor, this is a fantastic chance.

Online teaching firms are continually recruiting, and a fast Google search will help you locate the ideal one for you.

Selling Stock Photos

Do you have photographic skills?

Selling stock photos is one of the most and old online Jobs in South Africa that has been around for years.

While selling your work in person might be difficult, selling pictures to stock photo websites such as iStock or Adobe can be a good place to start.

Simply create an account with a stock picture site and submit your work if you are interested.

The website you pick will provide you precise instructions and pay you for each photo you submit.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are a type of employment that nearly anybody can do.

You will work as a virtual assistant for a company or an office, handling basic chores like scheduling, customer service, and general administration.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to be a virtual assistant, you may look at job descriptions and job review sites to get a better idea of what this job entails.

There are many tools on the internet that can help you prepare to work as a virtual assistant, so if it is something you are interested in, you can get started right away.

Take Surveys Online

Even though conducting online surveys is not likely to be your full-time career, installing a survey app and completing surveys in your spare time is a simple task you can do from anywhere to earn some additional cash quickly.

The surveys are always simple to complete and cover a wide range of topics.

Here are a few of the greatest alternatives.

The bulk of the surveys will be used for market research, which means you will be answering questions about items or services you’ve undoubtedly seen or used previously.

How much money you make will be determined by how quickly you locate and finish surveys, as well as how frequently you do so.


If you have strong typing skills, transcribing movies in your spare time might be a great method to supplement your income.

Simply look for the finest transcribing websites and create an account with the one that appears to be the greatest fit for you.

In most situations, no prior experience is necessary, and the recruiting procedure takes only a few minutes.

After you have created an account, you may begin taking jobs.

The website will provide you with a video or audio clip to transcribe within a set time limit.

You will get additional possibilities and access to higher-paying employment as you continue to complete jobs.


It is a lot easier than you would think to make money from your blog.

Blogging on its own is one of the full time online Jobs in South Africa, everyone is doing it.

The only catch is that it takes a while for it to truly take off – think of it as a long-term project that will ultimately pay off in passive revenue.

The greatest thing you can do to begin started is to choose a specialty.

Do you want to write a travel article?


What advice would you provide to other parents?

The more precise your specialty, the more likely you are to gain followers.

You may monetise your blog after it gets a certain amount of traffic by putting advertising, reviewing items, and sharing affiliate connections.

Affiliate Marketing

Influencers on social media earn money by endorsing businesses and goods on their platforms.

They accomplish this most of the time through an affiliate marketing scheme.

Making money with affiliate marketing takes time, just like making money with a blog.

You must first establish a sizable following on the platform of your choosing.

After that, you may join affiliate programs with your preferred companies.

You will be given specific URLs to the items you are attempting to sell.

You will get paid every time someone buys through your link!

It is a simple method to generate passive cash while also expanding your social media following.


You can work as a proof-reader if you have great grammar and a keen eye for detail.

Proof-readers work for periodicals, online publications, publishing firms, and even tiny blogs and websites.

All you must do is read someone else’s writing and make small grammatical corrections to ensure that it flows properly.

You might be employed as a contract proof-reader for a certain firm, or you could market yourself as a freelancer.

Online Teaching

Teaching is a highly rewarding profession, but it can also be quite stressful.

There are several options today for taking your teaching career online and having a bit more freedom.

You will benefit from teaching in a far more relaxed setting as an online instructor.

Teachers are hired by private tutoring firms, English language classes, and music courses to work remotely from anywhere on the planet.

Online teaching is one of the best and highly recommended online Jobs in South Africa.

Selling on Etsy

With an Etsy business, you can make a fair living if you are crafty.

Etsy sellers provide handcrafted items, digital prints, photography, and more.

The site will take a tiny percentage of your sales, but it is a lot easier than attempting to sell your work in person.

Once your business is up and running, all you must do now is wait for customers – Etsy may quickly develop into a reliable source of passive revenue.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is a fantastic method to sell products online without having to worry about production or shipping.

This makes selling your second-hand or handcrafted items a lot easier.

Shopify or another third-party website will do the heavy lifting for you and provide you with a platform to sell your items online.


Copywriting is also, one of the online Jobs in South Africa that has been done for many years by writers before Covid-19 outbreak.

A company’s promotional or sales content is referred to as copy.

It is what you see on their website, in their advertisements, and in their social media posts.

You will have no trouble getting an internet job as a copywriter if you are a strong creative writer and a natural marketer.

Companies searching for remote, part-time, or contract copywriters can also contact you directly.

YouTube Channel

YouTubers, believe it or not, are among the highest-paid celebrities on the planet.

You might not be able to reach that level right immediately but monetizing your YouTube channel is a simple method to make money.

When your channel reaches 1,000 subscribers, YouTube will allow you to profit by placing advertisements in front of your videos.

Aside from that, working with businesses and advertising their items can earn you additional money.

Online jurying

A lot of legal teams prefer to hold mock trials and get input from jurors before a large case.

Ordinary individuals will be paid to listen to sample content online and offer honest comments.

Not only is this a simple job, but it also has the potential to assist a lawyer win their case.

Call Centres

Call centre employment is one job that has lately gotten easier to conduct from home.

During your day as a contact centre employee, you will conduct marketing calls, handle online chats, and respond to customer support concerns.

While this was formerly a profession that involved coming into an office, nowadays all you need is a laptop and a phone.

When opposed to some of the other online jobs on our list, the advantage of this one is that you may become a full-time employee of a firm while still having the flexibility of remote work.

Course Creation

You have another choice than freelancing if you are an expert in marketing, graphic design, website building, or any other marketable talent.

Using the recent rise in remote and online employment to create an online course is a wonderful method to take advantage of it.

More people than ever before desire to gain online work skills.

It is entirely up to you how you deliver your course: live, through Zoom, or by selling individual eBooks or video lectures.


Podcasts are growing increasingly popular as time passes.

Now is a fantastic moment to start your own podcast if you have a crew eager to support you.

Launching a successful podcast, like starting a YouTube channel, takes time and effort.

It is critical to have a specialized subject that people will be interested in, as well to promote it.

You may monetise your podcast by sharing sponsored commercials and collaborating with businesses if you have a large enough audience.

Data Entry

It may not be the most interesting online job, but inputting data into spreadsheets is a simple way to earn money.

To manage their data input, companies recruit workers with a high school diploma and basic computer abilities.

It is a simple and successful side venture if you are organized.


Ghost-writing is another excellent alternative for a competent writer. It is a service that assists writers, bloggers, and journalists in completing their assignments on time.

You will create eBooks, articles, and tales from scratch or from an outline as a ghost-writer.

Although your name will not appear on the final product, you will be compensated for your time and can develop your writing abilities.

Graphic Design

You can work as a freelancer if you can become a graphic designer but do not want to work for a corporation.

Create an account and market your talents on a site like Upwork to get started.

Many businesses and people need a skilled graphic designer to assist them with their website and advertising materials.

Selling Online

Selling online, whether on eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace, is a simple way to make money.

You may accomplish this in a variety of ways: you can utilize the consignment technique, in which you charge a fee to facilitate transactions as a third party, or you can acquire used products and sell them directly.

Picking a category and sticking with it is the greatest approach to optimize your earnings as an internet merchant.

You might, for example, sell second-hand computers and phones, as well as clothing, bicycles, and jewellery.

It will be simple to locate enthusiastic vendors and customers online if you stick to your expertise.

SEO Writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing

It is a method of producing content that will rank first in search engine results.

While developing the necessary competence takes time, SEO content creation is a highly valuable talent.

SEO experts are always in demand, and they may work from home as much as they desire.

You may earn a freelance job producing optimized material for organizations, websites, and blogs if you are conversant with SEO methods.

Website And App Testing

Although many people are not aware that App testing is one of online Jobs in South Africa, well, it is.

Users must test and offer feedback on new applications and websites before they can be released.

This is a simple task that requires no previous expertise.

To get started, simply register with a website such as User Testing.

Facebook Ads Marketing

Do you have a service or product you would like to promote?

Making money with Facebook ads is a simple process.

This is not a way to make money from beginning, but it may help you supplement your income if you have something to market.

A price will be charged for detailed Facebook Ads campaigns; however, you may boost posts and promote your page on Facebook for free.


Editing, like proofreading, may be a fantastic profession for someone who has an English degree or simply a talent for grammar.

You will interact with customers online as a freelance editor and help them polish rough versions of short stories, eBooks, essays, blog entries, and more.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a kind of internet marketing that assists businesses in obtaining new potential consumers, or “leads.”

A lead generation specialist works remotely to improve a small business’s website, social media presence, SEO content, and other aspects of its online presence.

Lead generation may be a lucrative job if you have a background in marketing or some technical skills and a willingness to learn.

Personal Training

If you want to be a personal trainer, you do not have to work at a gym.

As more and more professions move online, a growing number of fitness professionals are promoting themselves as remote trainers or coaches.

You may create exercise regimens for customers, as well as connect with them via video chat.

Remote Beautician

Working with customers remotely allows beauticians to take their expertise online.

For someone who already has a following as a beauty influencer on YouTube or Instagram, this might be a lucrative side business.

You may use social media to sell your talents or use a freelance site to promote your business.

You will provide clients beauty, fashion, and cosmetics guidance over a defined length of time as a remote beautician.

Website Design

Creating and creating excellent websites is a necessary talent.

Many organizations and people want website design assistance, which you may give from your home or anyplace else in the globe.

If you just have a rudimentary understanding of web design, it may be worthwhile to invest in an online course to develop your abilities.

Professional website designers are in high demand, so after you get some expertise, you will have no trouble turning this into a lucrative profession.

Social Media Management

Many professionals and artists require active social media channels to advertise themselves but lack the time or skill to do so.

That is when you enter the picture.

As a social media manager, you will oversee someone’s daily social media activities, such as composing posts and Tweets, replying to messages, changing profile information, and so on.

This is a simple job to get started with if you have some basic understanding of social media.

Teaching English

On this list, I have already covered remote teaching and tutoring, but teaching English is a distinct job category.

You can teach children and adults in other countries as a native English speaker.

To get started, sign up for a website like iTalk or Magic Ears, which pay by the hour and allow you to work whenever you choose.

In other situations, all you need to do is conduct group or individual video chat chats.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Do you want to learn more about cryptocurrency?

It is a wonderful moment to cash in on it right now.

Bitcoin and other currencies are purchased online by cryptocurrency traders, who then trade them for a profit.

It is like stock or real estate investing, only everything is done online.

You may also generate or “mine” Bitcoin and sell it for a profit if you have the appropriate technology.


Another common office task that may now be completed online is bookkeeping.

As a remote bookkeeper, you might handle a small business’s accounts if you have an eye for numbers and costs.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone with a business or accounting degree.

If you lack the necessary abilities, you may quickly acquire them by taking one or more online courses.

Today’s software makes it easier than ever to get started in bookkeeping.

Video Editing

Video editing is a simple task that may be completed fully online if you have the necessary abilities and software.

Professional video editors produce watchable, viewer-friendly videos from footage provided by their clients — generally businesses or individuals with YouTube accounts.

They could also provide consultancy services or develop scripts.

Another valuable ability to advertise on a freelance job site like Fiverr or Upwork is this one.

Where To Find Online Jobs in South Africa

If a job on this list appeals to you, the next step is to discover the appropriate platform.

Many of these occupations are made possible through third-party websites, job boards, or other businesses.

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