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Pensioners discount electricity in South Africa and Eskom pensioners discount, how it works and who can apply?

Did you know that in South Africa pensioners can apply for discounted electricity rates?

Although we sometimes feel like we are in a hopeless place, there are some great things in this country we can be grateful for.

Eskom pensioners discount and SASSA grants are benefits that keep some of the livelihood afloat.

Pensioners and people with disability in our beautiful country are one of the most well taken care of individuals.

Pensioners discount electricity in South Africa is not the only we can talk about, everywhere, including parking in mall, queuing in a bank and etc.

Pensioners Discount Electricity in South Africa

Free electricity and water are fundamental municipal services offered by the government to low-income homes.

These services, which consist of a minimal amount of water, power, and sanitation to fulfil the basic requirements of a poor home, are provided by municipalities.

How to Qualify For Eskom Pensioners Discount?

This group is divided into three types of retirees:

Pensioners on a national security grant are entitled to a 100% discount.

Pensioners with gross monthly earnings of less than R10 545 are entitled to a 100% reimbursement.

Pensioners with gross monthly incomes of more than R10 545 but less than R18 073 per month are eligible for a 50% discount (subject to criteria).

Criteria for Pensioners

  • You own the property for which the rates are being collected.
  • You own the house and live there.
  • At least 60 years old is required.
  • The entire value of the property, including the land and improvements, cannot exceed R2.5 million according to the General Valuation Roll.

Required Documents

  • ​Your proof of identification
  • Proof of income for the prior tax year is required.
  • Proof of current income is required.

Pensioners Discount 70+

  • This is not a one-time offer.
  • The City will give a 100 percent discount to pensioners aged 70 and over, regardless of income, as long as the property’s highest valuation does not exceed R2.5 million.

To apply for this discounts, please click here to download the application form.

Alternatively, you visit the Joburg city services website for more information.

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