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RCS Loans for Blacklisted As of Aug 2022

Can anyone apply for RCS loans for blacklisted and does this financial institution offer any loans for bad credit.

If there is one thing that we all do not want to have in our lives is having bad credit in our name.

Bad credit score can deny you access to personal loans, payday loans and short-term loans in times of emergency.

Many people would like to know if there are any RCS loans for blacklisted people or not.

Unfortunately, in South Africa, almost all lenders comply with the NCR and will be most likely to check your credit score and history before lending you any money.

Although, there are lenders that can still borrow your money but of course with little bit higher interest rates.

In this reading with GoodBear, we provide you with top 10 list of lenders that can help you with bad credit loans.

We also take you through some disadvantages of why you should take care of your credit history and ensure you are never blacklisted.

Bad Credit Lenders

When attempting to repair bad credit, make the following mistakes.

Good for you if you’ve had it with being embarrassed about your bad credit and are able to focus on changing it.

And if it is unlikely or almost impossible to raise your credit score at this moment, time – as well as constructive steps you should take right now – are on your side when it comes to improving your credit score.

Simultaneously, it’s critical to stop typical blunders that can prevent you from obtaining loans, decent credit cards, or cheaper interest rates by improving your credit.

Regularly Check Your Credit Report

You must first understand the variables on your credit report that are lowering your credit score before you can increase it.

There could be inconsistencies on the survey, for example, that you should correct to increase your credit score. provides a complimentary copy of the credit study.

Each of the three major credit bureaus, Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, will provide you with one free copy per year.

Falling for A Credit Repair Scam

Don’t sign up for a for-profit company’s services if it claims to be able to delete derogatory details from your credit record for a fee.

According to a big credit bureau, “no organization can legitimately delete details from the file if it’s correct.”

Scammers prey on desperate people, but you can correct mistakes yourself for free by calling the creditors who posted the incorrect facts.

Don’t Fail to Dispute Credit Card Errors

If you find a mistake in your credit report, contact the creditor in writing to have it corrected.

Are you a letter writer who isn’t very good?

Then, using the Federal Trade Commission’s sample credit report conflict letter as a guide, draft your own.

Credit Card Balances Maintenance

Does you know that the credit usage ratio, which is the proportion of revolving credit debt to available credit, accounts for roughly 30% of your credit score?

A high credit utilization rate decreases the credit score, while a lower credit utilization rate increases it.

Maintain a credit usage rate of no more than 30% as far as possible.

So, if you have credit card accounts, spend as much as you can on them and get them paid off or reduced.

Late Payments

Payment history, which accounts for about 35% of your credit score, is another important element in determining your credit score.

Create a good financial history by completing both credit card and loan payments on time to increase your credit score.

So what about those old accounts you you’ve been avoiding for the past five years?

The positive news is that a credit account’s unfavorable payment history is permanently removed from your credit report after seven years, so time – along with prompt payments on existing accounts – will dramatically improve your credit score.

Paying your creditors on time will allow to avoid searching for RCS loans for blacklisted.

Payment on An Ancient Debt

Making a deposit on a time-barred loan that has passed the statute of limitations in your state is one of the worse things you can do when attempting to boost your reputation.

Making a payment will reactivate the loan, holding the unfavorable payment history on your credit report for years longer than if you hadn’t.

Closing Credit Accounts

It might sound like a smart idea to close credit card accounts to avoid temptation if you have a history of overcharging on credit cards, but it’s normally best to leave paid-off accounts open.

For starters, having your credit cards paid off lowers your credit usage rate.

Good account experience from the past that appears on your credit report sometimes works in your favour.

Too Many Credit Applications

You may be excited to see what borrowers think about your credit score as it grows, but applying for a new credit card every week isn’t a healthy way to keep track of your creditworthiness.

In reality, if you get too many “hard inquiries” from creditors in a short period of time, your credit score will suffer.

Final Thoughts

Let us wrap up, keeping your credit score healthy is a very important factor for everyone.

A healthy credit score will take care of your future, allow you to buy your dream house, dream car and allow you to apply for good personal loans and short-term loans with best lenders around.

This will allow you to avoid searching for RCS loans for blacklisted and loans bad credit loans.

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