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Last Updated: 2023/04/05 | SASSA

South Africa’s Department of Social Development (DSD) is a government agency in charge of social development, protection, and welfare services for the general population.

It was renamed in July 2000 after being renamed the Department of Welfare.

SASSA Payments  Dates for R350 Grant

SASSA R350 Payment Dates for Apr 2023

SASSA payments for 2021 to people who are registered and entitled to earn these social grants, below is a list of all updated SASSA Payments as of Apr 2023.

SASSA Payment Dates for Apr Dates
Older Person’s Grant
(This includes any grants linked to this account)
03 Apr 2023 (Monday)
Disability Grant
(This includes any grants linked to this account)
04 Apr 2023 (Tuesday)
Children’s Grants 05 Apr 2023 (Wednesday)

SASSA History

In 1937, the first Department was created to oversee and subsidize existing private, non-government social programs while also offering certain extra services.

South Africa has inherited social welfare programs that were “not regarded to be important social investment objectives and were under-resourced,” according to the 1997 White Paper on Social Welfare.

The Department “seeks to improve the lives of the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized members of society.”

Its mission is to alleviate poverty, promote social integration, and create conditions for long-term livelihoods.

In addition, the Department undertakes research to create the social indicators that are required for program execution and public accountability.

South African Social Security Agency

Processing, verification, and approval of applications, disbursement and payment of funds to qualified recipients, quality assurance, and fraud prevention and detection are some of the parastatal’s major tasks.

The number of people receiving government grants in South Africa has increased from 3.8 million in April 2001 to 11 million in March 2006, and 17 million in 2017.

From May 2020 to April 2021, millions of South Africans got the temporary Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress award.

Types Of Grants

  • SASSA Child Support Grant.
  • Older Person’s Grant.
  • Disability Grant.
  • War Veteran’s Grant.
  • Care Dependency Grant.
  • Foster Child Grant.
  • Grant-In-Aid.

For more information on payment dates, please visit

For all the people who earn SASSA grants and need to apply for loans, please click here.

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