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Last Updated: 2023/04/11 | Money

Shoprite Money Transfers make your life so much easier with their money market service to send money to friends.

You can send money with shoprite and receive money from any of shoprite retail stores that has the money transfer service.

We have writen this artcle for you to assist you in answering questions that permanently arise on how to do money transfers with shoprite.

Now, who can use money transfers service with money market?

Anyone can send money with shoprite, as a sender you do not need a bank account to send money so is the person your sending money to.

Shoprite Money Market

Why use Shoprite Money Market

Shoprite money market offers the most cheapest way to send money in south african to anyone regardless of their location in the country.

You can easily transfer funds in South African without any extensive knowledge of how to transfer money using other complex channels.

How To Send Money with Money Market

Here we provide you with steps on how to do money transfers utilizing the money market shoprite service.

This is how to send money in South Africa with shoprite money transfers.

  • Go to any Shoprite Money Market counter at any of the Shoprite stores.
  • There is a Money Market till point on every store dedicated to all money transfers services.
  • You will need to be in possesion of Id Document.
  • Bare in mind that also need to have money that you would like to send with you plus R9,99 for the transfer.
  • After you've selected and entered a secret shoprite 4-digit PIN, you'll be given a Money Market transfer number.

Do you know what are the good news about this?

Once you're done sending money, the money will be available immediately to the recipient.

Once you have your shoprite money market slip, should not share your shoprite money market pin with anyone except the recipient.

The about answer a popular question that people want to know how many numbers for shoprite money transfer.

Where Can I Withdraw Shoprite Money Transfer

Here we answer the most popular common question that people ask, where can i withdraw shoprite money transfer?

You should be aware that Shoprite is the only place where you can withdraw shoprite money transfer funds.

  • Go to any till or Money Market counter at your nearest Shoprite with your ID book.
  • Give the money transfer number to the cashier and enter your secret PIN.
  • You will get the money immediately.

Shoprite Money Market Contact Details

For more information on how to do shoprite money transfers visit their website on

In this site you can also get answers more answer if does shoprite money market expire and other frequent questions like how long can money be kept at shoprite money market?

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