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Standard Bank Branch Code As of Aug 17, 2022

Did you know that our South African banks have adapted to digital trends and are now using universal branch codes as opposed to using single branch code per branch.

Below is a Standard Bank branch code for your next electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Standard Bank Branch Code 051 001

The above code is the official standard bank general code for easier and better online banking.

Our South African popular banks are adapting to the ever changing digital era and are implementing universal general codes.

Start using Standard bank branch code 051 001 for simplicity, gone are the days when people used to write their specific bank branch code on paper for online transactions.

Universal branch codes are new way of doing banking online, although many popular banks in South Africa including FNB (First National Bank) have made provision to accommodate many people especially old aged, who are still stuck in the past and still using respective division code.

Before we carry on with Fine Help on what and how to use the standard bank universal branch code, we have a quick list of all our South African banks which are using universal branch codes below for our readers.

051 001
198 765
632 005
Fnb Universal Branch Code 250 655
470 010

Here is how standard bank universal branch code simplifies life and why we all need to move to using universal codes for banking online.

Standard Bank Universal Branch Code

Standard bank universal code is a (6) digits number that can be used for making payments to savings account, current accounts and cheque accounts.

Unlike in the past, people used to use separate or rather multiple Standard Bank branch codes which were used to identify the branch which the person their paying opened their bank account.

So, this codes are different for each city, in the past, if an online banker used a wrong Standard Bank division code whilst doing a payment to a recipient, this would cause problems and issues and the payment could not be able to be tracked.

Standard Bank Branch Code

This is a problem of the past, many popular banking institutions in South Africa have adapted to general codes, hence we also have Standard bank universal general code.

Standard Bank Branch Codes

This codes are becoming absolute because we don’t really need them, hence with FineHelp in this article provides this reading to those who are still behind and are searching for their respective division code.

This financial institution is huge, popular and also international, found on all corners of the continent.

It is one of the fast paced banking institutions that is at the forefront of digital technology trends and one of the few banks to move to their own.

For our FineHelp readers, start adapting to universal branch codes, they are safe and will your online banking life easier than before.

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