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What are the best monthly box subscriptions As of 2022 Aug?

One of the cheapest ways to buy is by subscription boxes.

They provide users with one-of-a-kind interactions centered around products and trends, launch new brands, and make checking the mail enjoyable.

Subscription commerce, on the other hand, has a secure financial model based on recurring monthly sales that can be tailored to virtually any niche, from puzzles to fashion to pets.

If there’s an online forum for a product or genre, you should probably create a delivery box for it.

Which subscription box is the best?

Here is list of best top 20 subscription boxes in South Africa 2022 Aug

Many residents in South Africa tried online shopping sites and meal kit boxes for the first time this year, when the number of people living and working at home reached new heights.

Top 20 Subscription Boxes in South Africa 2021

  1. Wellbox
  2. Whiskey mystery box
  3. Wine of the month
  4. Woken vegan box
  5. African beauty box
  6. Guy box
  7. Humble bundle
  8. Lingerie letters
  9. My pet box
  10. Nerd Nab
  11. Novel book box
  12. Palette box – NGF
  13. Poppet post
  14. Proper snacks
  15. Rubybox
  16. Secret tackle box
  17. Sweetie box
  18. Tealyst
  19. The fur box
  20. The gin box
  21. The little black bag
  22. The b case
  23. The box fashion
  24. The luxe box
  25. The ooh box
  26. Treat cottage
  27. Tuckbox
  28. Tuckles
  29. Unicorn fitness box
  30. Vitiebox
  31. Wackybox
  32. Bean box club
  33. Beauty squad SA
  34. Book owl
  35. Boxie
  36. Loot crate
  37. Malina
  38. Man crate
  39. My chocolate box

We purchased gift delivery boxes for friends and family we couldn’t see in person, and we saw a surge in interest in snack subscriptions, especially foreign and global snack boxes with brands and experiences we couldn’t get otherwise.

Maybe you’re searching for a regular shopping package to keep up with the newest lifestyle trends and beauty items, or you’re looking for a the best subscription boxes in South Africa to make your life simpler.

Perhaps you’re hunting for the ideal present or want to treat yourself to a monthly shipment of enjoyable pieces.

The majority of presents are one-time-use, but with the advent of monthly delivery boxes, your gift will practically last a lifetime.

What subscription boxes are worth it?

There’s nothing like a new present every month to brighten up the day-to-day deliveries, whether you’re picking one out for the special person or for yourself.

There are subscription boxes in South Africa for everything from sweets to clothing and books, so there’s plenty for everybody.

These are the boxes you can add to your subscription list right now, from sensible meal boxes to indulgent jewelry subscriptions to broaden your bauble range.

Let us look at each one of this boxes that you can take advantage of in South Africa.

Fashion Subscription

African Beauty Subscription

The African Beauty Box is a Cape Town-based dress shop and subscription box operation.

This is the ideal service for those who enjoy fashion and African-inspired clothing and accessories that are both sourced and manufactured locally.

You’ll get a minimum of 5 makeup and sample beauty products if you sign up for their monthly shipping package.

Men’s Subscription

Gentleman’s ideas

Monthly shipping boxes of men’s personal care and apparel will pamper you or the unique gentlemen in your life.

Guy Subscription

The Man Box delivery box includes Body Wash, Shampoo, Deodorant or Antiperspirant Spray, and Toothpaste, making it ideal for the guy who forgets to buy his toiletries.

Man Cate

This isn’t your typical shipping box; it comes in a package, which makes unboxing enjoyable and gives you a range of options when selecting your crate.

The Secret Subscription

South Africa’s most successful fishing tackle distribution service.

Women Subscription

Beauty Squad SA

Every month, you’ll get a makeup kit of at least 5 different labels.

Lipstick, skincare, hair aids, perfumes, and beauty accessories will all be included in your bag.

Lingerie letters

Since 2011, South Africa’s favorite underwear subscription box has been planned and handmade with love in Cape Town.

Rubybox Subscription

Rubybox lets you sign up to try out and research beauty and skincare products.

The box fashion

Encourages ordinary South African women to become more strong.

Package Fashion is the first and only local accessories membership service that sends you the latest fashion items as well as style advice in a package to your house.

The little black bag

The Little Black Bag is the first online subscription lifestyle package in South Africa.

This monthly themed bag is jam-packed with the most recent, coolest, and must-have pieces from the worlds of beauty, cosmetics, home d├ęcor, food, fitness, and so much more.

Our production team hand-selected full-size items for each bag to show you the best of the best.

Reading and parenting subscription packs

Book owl – Site no longer in operation

You will help them develop a love of reading by sending them The Book Owl, a kids’ book delivery service.

Your themed kit will be less expensive than purchasing the books individually in shops, and it will include two illustrated children’s books, an adventure focused on one of the books, and a personalized letter from The Book Owl to encourage your child to learn.

Poppet post

Surprise your child every other month with a bundle of fun, educational toys, books, and games that are tailored to his or her age.

Charlies box

Charley’s Boxes is a spot where you can have a fun time when shopping for your son’s necessities.

Charley has carefully selected pieces from around the world to suit your baby’s educational, developmental, and fashion needs.

The book case

The Book Case is a monthly book box of awesomeness that includes a highly anticipated, newly released novel, as well as 3-5 exclusive bookish products, all bound together by an epic pre-released theme!

Novel book box

Novel is a monthly book box subscription program that sends you a surprise box of hand-picked bestsellers, all beautifully packed and ready to read.

Their book boxes are perfect as a monthly self-care treat or as a donation.

A one-time book box or a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription book box are available to readers.

Wacky box

A fun-filled activity delivery kit for your children.

Animal Subscription Box


Boxie offers subscriptions for cats and dogs, and options for mini, medium, and large dog breeds.

The fur box

Each month, the fur box will surprise your furry friend by handpicking hidden treats and entertaining toys for your spoiled pet and delivering them to you and your excited partner.

My pet box

My pet kit goes to great lengths to put together a high-quality box of dog treats and still contributing a portion of the proceeds to charity.

Tech Subscription Boxes

Geek Crate

Geek Crate seemed to be the most popular subscription box in South Africa for comic, electronics, and gaming-related items.

Humble Bundle

This is a well-known entertainment company that sells games for a good cause at a reasonable price.

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is a household name when it comes to Geek shipping boxes all around the country.

Nerd Nab

Get a monthly subscription box filled with T-shirts, gaming merch, and comic books for gamers and geeks.

Lovers Subscription Boxes

The date box

When it comes to date night, step beyond the box with a list of ideas, get away from the typical restaurant dinner.

Go on a date that is fun, loving, and exciting once a month.

The date factory

The date factory will bring a neatly packaged date in a box to your house.

Snack Subscription Boxes

Daily dish

Daily Dish sends out a range of dinner and wine sets every week.


Malina is a monthly subscription box for women that delivers all of your treats and feminine beauty items to your door in a secure package.

Proper Snacks

A Proper Snacks subscription requires one or two healthy food baskets.

My chocolate box

This is your chance to satisfy your sweet tooth once a month, chocoholics.

My Chocolate Box will hand-pick a selection of the best chocolates and deliver them to your home.


If you like healthy snacks, Tuckbox may be the right fit for you.

Each box contains a range of ten individually packaged portion-controlled snacks.

The box includes dried fruit, almonds, seeds, baked goods, and savory snacks.


Tuckles’ daily shipping boxes have made snacking simpler than it has ever been.

Join to have delicious and automated snack foods delivered to your door for free every month.

The luxe box

The Luxe box is all about luxury, with subscribers receiving bespoke gifting services.

The sweetie box

Do you want a monthly candy box shipped to your home?

Right now, have a peek at Sweetie Package.

Wellness Subscription Box

Unicorn fitness box

Clothing, diet, supplies, rehab, and education are also included with their monthly subscriptions, allowing you to stay on track to better health and fitness.

Vitie box

Every month, the first-ever vitamin delivery package in South Africa is delivered to your house.

VitieBox makes balanced living simple by ensuring that you get the Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) that your body needs and craves at an affordable price.

Well box

Wellbox is a wellness product and supplement subscription service offered by House of Health.

Your membership fee entitles you to a comprehensive list of 100% healthy and certified ingredients and vitamins, all at factory prices.

Woken vegan box

Woken Vegan Package offers a wide range of vegan products in South Africa, with a box to fit any need and budget.

Coffee Subscription Packs

Bean box club

The Bean Box Club is the most easy place to sample some of South Africa’s best coffee at any time of year.

You’ll hear about the best locally roasted specialty coffees with delivery to your home or office.


Tealyst is an excellent place to begin learning about a wide variety of carefully selected teas from around the world.

High-quality tea can be found in South Africa.

Drinkers’ Subscription

The gin box

The Gin Box is the first gin distribution service in the world.

Get exclusive artisan gin and more sent to your door every month.

Palette Norman Goodfellows

Our Whisky Mystery Box is a monthly whisky subscription service that sends you 1-3 bottles of whisky.

Whiskey mystery box

Bottle Shops’ Whiskey Mystery Box is a regular delivery of 1-3 bottles of whisky.

This are by far the best top subscription boxes in South Africa, please note that, by the time you read this, some of this subscription packs might be discontinued.

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