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How Do I Cancel My Telkom Account?

Telkom cancellation of any contract has become easier than before, you can simply fill in online cancellation form on Self-service portal.

You must make a significant adjustment if you move from ADSL to fiber: cancel your Telkom ADSL line.

Fibre is slowly but steadily deployed throughout South Africa, but many users have been disappointed with the cancellation process.

Online cancellation service has been launched by Telkom.

In April this year it was fully implemented, and a number of people fell through the gaps.

Telkom claims that during the changeover phase there might have been some surveillance of individuals showering in the cracks.

However, the new method makes cancellation and shorter response times simpler for clients.

Telkom Cancellation Online

Simply visit the following link and follow the below steps:

  • Use the Online Fill & Sign button or check the preview picture of the blank to start the blank.
  • You will be directed by the sophisticated tools in the editable PDF template.
  • Enter your official ID and contact information.
  • Use a check mark wherever appropriate to indicate out the solution.
  • To guarantee perfect precision, double check all fillable fields.
  • Use the Sign Utility to add and build your electronic signature to the signing form now.
  • After filling in the form, press Done.
  • The document may now be printed, saved or shared.
  • If you have any questions, follow the Support section, or contact our Support Crew.

When Can I Cancel My Telkom Contract?

When my Telkom agreement ends, how can I find out?

The telecommunications provider will handle your request within 30 days after the cancellation of your services with this network.

The cancellation procedure breaks down here:

  • Day 1: a cancelled contract is submitted by the subscriber.
  • Day 7: the ISP processes the application together with the papers.
  • Normal account: the company transmits a regular account to the client after the request for cancellation is handled.
  • Day 30: Company concludes the 30-day notice cancellation order.
  • Day 60: the last bill is received by the subscriber.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Mobile Phone Contract.

Mobile phone purchasing may be difficult since you desire an appropriate plan or service provider.

Before deciding on a cell phone service, there are several things to consider.

The first consideration should be the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a phone contract overpay-as-you-go or month-to-month billing.

Mobile Phones

The range of mobile telephone agreements is the newest and frequently the best range of telephones.

You will discover inexpensive telephones to buy with a telephone contract, occasionally free.

You can also get a discount on a new cell phone when you renew your contract.

By buying a mobile phone without an agreement, this might cost you hundreds of dollars and the latest models in particular.

Data and Minutes

You have a certain limit of text and minutes to spend every month when you join a contract with a cellular telephone carrier.

Any text or minutes you use will be charged additionally to your account.

A benefit of an agreement is that you pay a variable rate for this text limit which will charge you per minute or text as in a pay-as-you-go plan.

The contract will not change.

In most cases, you may also pick an unlimited option.

It may make your bill costly when you have a predetermined limit and go above the numbers.


To run a number of functions on cell phones nowadays, Internet connectivity is necessary.

You must utilize the Internet, for instance, to access emails or social networking sites.

Often, unlimited data is included in a mobile contract so your MB will not charge you.

Extra or excessive fees for the transfer of data might be charged without a contract.


You are bound to the contract you have to pay for without knowing what to anticipate of the firm, one of the worst downfalls of a cell phone contract.

You cannot do so without incurring a hefty customer cancellation charge if you encounter a bad customer service or coverage if you choose to transfer providers.

You are not obligated to any provider with monthly or pay-as-you-go plans.

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