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Tyme Bank send money code *120*543# can be used to send money to family and friends through easy step by step instructions via USSD.

TymeBank is a digitally intelligent modern kind of bank.

Since they don’t have branches, you spend even less for banking, such as no recurring payments and just paying for what you need.

TymeBank is the first automated bank in South Africa.

They are motivated by the belief that increasing economic participation can help our nation realize its full human potential.

Tyme Bank Send Money Code As of Aug 2022

How to Send Money With TymeBank?

To make a money transfer, just follow these basic steps.

Here is how you send money using the online platform via the internet.

  • Through your browser, simply login to your TymeBank account.
  • Click on SendMoney
  • Enter the cellphone of the person you want to send money to.
  • Input the amount you want to send.
  • Once you’re happy with the cellphone number, confirm transaction.
  • The recipient will receive 10-digit voucher pin instantly through their cell phone number.
  • Please note that money must be withdrawn within 7 days.

Here is how you can use Tyme Bank send money code via USSD:

  • Simply dial *120*543# and follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Enter cellphone number you want to send money to.
  • Enter the desired amount you want to send.
  • Confirm transaction and it’s all done.

Tymebank Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to resend a SendMoney SMS?

Yes, just go to the SmartApp or Internet Banking and look up the account history.

In your EveryDay account, go to ‘Previous transactions.’

When you click on the order, you’ll be given the option to resend the SMS.

Will the pin number be required?

Nop, you just need the text message with the 10-digit voucher number.

Is it necessary for me to withdraw the whole sum at once, or should I set aside a portion to be cashed later?

You’ll have to pay out the full balance of the voucher.

If you need to transfer money to someone, use the ‘SendMoney’ tool.

You just need the other person’s mobile phone number and funds in your EveryDay transactional account to use SendMoney.

What is the length of the voucher number in digits?

The voucher number consists of ten digits.

What are the fees?

The cost for submitting a SendMoney transaction paired with a voucher transaction is R4.00 per transaction.

If the receiver is a TymeBank client, there is no charge.

Who pays the fee?

When the fee is applied, the voucher’s worth is R4 less than the value entered by the sender.

If you give R100, the recipient will only get R96.00.

This is the price that will be charged to the recipient at the PnP and Boxer shop, as seen on the SMS to the recipient.

What is my overall SendMoney transaction send limit?

The average cost of all value-added items per day is R3000.

If you spent R100 on power, the remaining balance will be R2900, which you will use for the rest of the day.

How do I reverse money from TymeBank?

When sending money, please double-check that all information is right.

If the person you send money to has changed their cellphone number or you entered the wrong number, TymeBank will not move the funds to the new number.

TymeBank will not be able to reverse, repay, or amend payments made to the wrong cellphone number or to the wrong user.

If the individual to whom you sent money does not repay the funds within 7 days, the funds will be refunded to your account at midnight on the 7th day after the transaction.

The voucher number was not sent to the receiver via SMS.

What am I supposed to do?

You should resend the SMS, so don’t worry.

To begin, double-check that the number you’re sent to is right, that the recipient is in a good cellphone signal region, and that their SMS inbox isn’t loaded.

Then, on the SmartApp or Internet Banking, go straight to your account history.

In your EveryDay account, go to ‘Previous transactions.’

You’ll see the option to resend the voucher number if you click on the SendMoney transaction.

For more information, please visit Tyme Bank website on the following web address

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