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Universal Branch Codes – simplify your online banking payments by using a simple unique identifier which is different for each bank but global for branches.

What is a branch code when using online banking?

Branch Code – this is a unique identifier that is used for each an individual branch for the bank.

In most cases, when you open a bank account, the bank will issue you with their branch code and branch name that you can provide to people making EFT’s for you.

Well, back in the day it used to be very difficult for people to make payments if they didn’t have this unique code to where you opened your bank account.

But now, what if you don’t remember your specific bank branch code, well, you can simply use universal branch codes for South Africa.

Generic Branch Code

Universal branch codes are very easy to use unlike using a specific branch code for a bank.

This is a unique global identifier that can be used in place of different unique numbers for each branch.

Many popular banks in South Africa have adopted to using universal branch codes in place of individual branch codes.

For all those who are still stuck in the past and still trying to figure out which branch code they should use, simply use a simple global identifier.

Below is a list of all South African Banks Global Identifiers.

Universal Branch Code Fnb 250655
ABSA 632005
African Bank 430000
Bank of Athens 410506
Bidvest Bank 462005
Capitec 470010
Investec 580105
Nedbank 198765
SA Post Bank 460005
Standard Bank 51001
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